Thursday, May 9, 2019

Finding Community...

Washington, Minnesota and Texas.

Oregon, Nebraska and Colorado.

Michigan, Indiana, Kansas and Wyoming.  Maybe a little bit of Alaska, but she's always moving and we're not sure where to put her.

12 people came together under the tent of community and conservation.  This wild gathering of folks had never met in this form and instantly, we all knew we were in the midst of our tribe. 

The Hunt To Eat brand had brought us together as ambassadors to the brand at the 2019 Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous in Boise, ID and the funny thing was how fast we bonded.   

A deep and immediate bond over the shared connection of the deep love of the collective rivers and woods in our country and abroad.  The hunt and sharing our bounty with all around us.   

We had lifelong hunters and fishermen, we have adult onset hunters and everything in between.  Women on the same level ground as men and in fact are probably 10 times the big game hunter as me....

I recently harvested a wild turkey in Washington state and brought the smoked breasts to the gathering and shared them in a late night session of brews and conversation.  

As the tasty treat was served, the whole crew and everyone in our Air B&B came to enjoy it and to me served as a microcosm of what hunting and fishing can do with building community.  People come together over shared experience and a meal and forge bonds that last in perpetuity.  

I may be waxing poetic, but this Wild Gathering fostered by Hunt To Eat brought some amazing people together and I believe that the same can be done anywhere.  Engage in what Rinella calls "Venison Diplomacy" and share your love for the outdoors and conservation.  Everyone's welcome at the table no matter experience, age, gender or past experience in the sports we love so much. 

There's a collective binding power of the outdoors, and guess what....there's always a seat at the table.

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