Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Big Top's Coming Down

"The Circus is falling down on it's knees, big top is crumbling down"
--Adam Duritz, Counting Crows, "Raining in Baltimore"

Besides being the opening lyrics on one of my favorite songs, the above mention quote aptly put an end to the first edition of Steelhead Camp this year on the Grande Ronde

We had grand aspirations to leave it up through the end of February, but the reality becomes that less and less of our tribe will make the crazy three hour drive (one way) down to the Ronde to chase fish that entered the Columbia in June.

This summer and fall season chasing steelhead was flat out amazing. A big thanks to all my boys out there who helped fill it with memories and fish...and possibly a few empty beers. More and more I am drawn away from nymphing for the pull of my spey rod and this fall was especially accommodating to a rookie two hander.

We still will do our job at reducing hatchery fish through February and reveling in the glory that is everything steelhead...including leaking waders, busted tippet, mouth-breathing gear slingers and fishless days

Why? Because when it comes together, there's nothing better. Here's to the hope that next year's run comes back to us with the eagerness that this years did.

Look for the 2010 edition of Steelface camp in September.

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