Monday, January 25, 2010

Brian, you're in dire need of reset expectations...

Because Steelheading will never be this easy ever again!

What a joy it is to watch someone have success on their first stay of fishing for steel. But really, four in your first day?....Jesus Christe, you need to go buy a lottery ticket Brian!

The first cast of the day produced a nice hatchery buck, and one hour later he had 3 on the bank.

Murph Dog...getting her fish licks in....

It goes to show you a little bit of luck is always involved in fishing. Veteran fish wrangler OMR was blanked for the day, and I pulled out an eleventh hour buck just before the closing bell.

Brian on the other hand....he just kept putting in work. As OMR and I reeled up to end the day, literally 2 seconds from telling Brian it was time to go, he set the hook on his 4th hatchery steelhead.

It was an unreal display. Good for you Brian, but now you owe about five fish-less days to the Steelhead gods

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