Sunday, January 31, 2010

Take that Crowds....Powwww! Snap! Bammm!

Up and down the holy water all day, and what did we see....truck after car after truck after car. One of my favorite, favorite runs had SEVEN cars parked in the take out. Yeeesh

All day long we were five minutes late to every hole. Literally. We'd pull up and some guy was just walking into the spot. It was starting to get frustrating.

OMR did break the ice and his previous skunk streak with a nice buck

Wear the bunny ears dad, wear it!

Finally, we THOUGHT we had the hole shot on my favorite place on this section of water. Walking in, we were again aced by two gentlemen with gear that is opposite of fly. I say gentlemen because that's what they were. Nice stream-side conversation, and they had fantastic attitudes. They invited us to follow us down. There was no bullshit dividing line. In truth, a gear slinger and a fly thrower should be able to work the run back to back. You're working two different sections of water. No harm, no foul...there's enough to go around.

No problem, we'll wait our turn.

As the gear guy worked their way down the run....that's when the baloney macaroni happened.

3 guys came walking up from the run way below us and posted up in the BOTTOM of the run, effectively cutting us off, including the baitcasters. Part of me wanted to rip a new you know what in their butts, but I had a feeling they just didnt know what proper steelhead ettiquite is and or was. Later on, this was confirmed. Now they have no excuse for that BS.

OMR, dropping bombs amongst the peanut gallery

So feeling a little dejected and fed up with crowds in JANUARY (of all times!!!), I made this remark to OMR

"Well, I might as well work on my spey casting, because with these crowds, I wont be catching anything"

Wrong.. So very wrong

Cold water. January. Crowds. To hell with them.

Second snap T and into the swing, paydirt was found

It was probably the most rewarding yank yank yank pullllllllllllllll that I have had this entire season. This lovely little player went into the air 3 times instantly, and peeled off a considerable amount of line before coming to hand. What a fight for 38 degree water temps. Honesty it was the type of yank the rod out of your hand pull you'd expect in September, not in mid winter.

Yep....a grati "fly" ing moment.

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  1. That's good stuff right there, Josh. As frustrating as the crowds are, be glad you have fish in your rivers, unlike the S rivers over on the wet side, most of which are closing now or shortly due to lack of feesh.