Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another River Checked off...The Sandy

I was lucky enough to sneak away on a quick trip to Portland for a few hours to toss some bugs in to the Sandy River.  We've driven over it a gazillion times on the way to and from Portland but have never explored.

Thanks to some tips from Chou Dog and Steelie Mike, we found our way to some beautiful runs and riffles.  30 minutes from my uncles house we were ripping some Snap T's into some water that screamed "swing me"

No players on this trip, but with this recon work and a little better timing, I think we'll make it happen in the future.  I think its plain outstanding to be able to leave Portland and start fishing so quickly.  After a fall and winter of marathon 3 hour each way trips to the Ronde, the ability to throw your stuff in the car and fish for steel after work has to be refreshing...let alone to have the "possibility" to go head to head with a King on a accidental hook up

1 comment:

  1. looks like a great day and an accomplishment by checking off another must fish destination