Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fly Hall of Fame, Reader Responses Vol.1

I had a feeling this topic would hit home with some of Chucking Line and Chasing Tail's readers.

First up, Josh from Bigerrfish  and his tale of a streamer that continued to catch fish, even though the fly's death was imminent.

I was float fishing cone heads one day, I had tied three of these, figured out that the fish liked them.  Lost the first one to a rock, fished the second one for half the day until it was chewed pretty bad, then later lost it.  I had one more and for some reason it beat the other two hands down in the after noon. This is the fly in the first pic, it has made it to the hall of fame, no doubt. the other pic was when it was new

Before the crush-fest

Post abuse, and now...

Into the Fly's Hall of Fame

Another entry tomorrow from the Unacomplished Angler himself.

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  1. what an original idea for a post! Well done, and looking forward to some of the other Chucking line readers to pull a chewed up bug off the visor and take a pic,,

  2. Looking forward to reading more, but I don't know about that Unaccomplished Angler dude. Seems a like a hack to me.