Thursday, July 29, 2010

Working Snake River for Washington: Glimpses through a knothole

Recently I was asked to write a short essay for the Working Snake River Project about what the Snake River is like for us fly fishermen and women.  Please take a second to click the link, read the essay and learn more about this killer project going on right now.

The Working Snake River Project is an offshoot of Save Our Wild Salmon and has the goal of bringing all stakeholders together (Farmers, Politicians, Fisherman, EVERYONE) and letting all have their say in the restoration of the Snake River Basin and it's fish.

Working Snake River for Washington: Glimpses through a knothole: "From fly fisherman’s perspective, fishing the Snake River in its current form for Steelhead is about like looking through a hole in a fence..."


  1. well written piece Josh, thanks for adding your voice to the story of the Snake

  2. Awesome essay Josh, way to put things in perspective for those of us that are not part of the front line of the Snake River revival. Awareness is key.