Monday, July 12, 2010

Playing Guide

In the lifelong journey that is fly fishing, I'm entering a new phase

I now derive the same satisfaction in watching someone else catch fish as I do when I set the hook.

The passion still burns white hot to fish, to chuck line, and to be outdoors but this day was as refreshing as  Manny's on a 90 degree day.  This day, buddy Brian joined me as I manned the sticks, called the shots and got him rolling on rising fish

The free rising Cutthroat of North Idaho can make anyone feel like a champ when your timing's right and they have a hankering for flies as big as a foam pillow.   From start to finish, they were willing dance partners

Being behind the wheel on this day had me thinking outside of the vision of what you see when you deliver the fly.  Looking ahead, predicting, instructing...and of course, peeking around the angler and dividing your time between watching the fly and keeping the boat in the right spot all combined for a hell of an experience.

There's something electric than watching the sequence of events when you see the fly, the fish slashes and the angler hit's the go button and becomes connected.  Its as if you're connected as well to that same line

 Of course, I had to deliver some of the pattened guide lines I've heard from myself and from my buddies who guide

"no, the other rock"

"great cast"

"yep, that's just a little tangle...just let me take a look"

and of course, the good one when the fish rises.....  "Hit it"

I can really begin to understand the "Stream of Consciousness" video by RA Beattie

In the last hour of the day, I relented on my driving duties and gave the sticks to Brian.  He did a great job and put me into fish....but nothing was better than earlier in the day when I marked a likely spot, Brian delivered the cast and a toad came up and slapped the bug.  This beautiful Cutty CORKED him way into his backing.  On this river, that doesnt happen much

We finished the day and we both had the 100 yard stare. 

Brian's was from catching fish

Mine was from helping make that happen. 

So big UPS are due to by friends out there like Joe Willauer, Rooster, Brazda, Dylan Rose, Rick Hedding and all others who get up 15 straight days and take people out into the fishing world we enjoy so much.  You work your asses off day in and day out.  You deal with all personality types and keep going.  I don't think I will ever actually guide, but I understand the drive.  Cheers to you.

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