Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Doing It Right...Recycled Waders Profile

When you spring a hole in your waders (done that a time or two myself) and because you bought them from a good, reputable company, what happens when you return them?

Usually, they send you a brand spanking new pair, smelling of wadery goodness, right?

Ever think of what happens to your old pair?  Before you ask, there's no wader fairy who magically takes them away and we never worry about the waste ever again

The answer lies in a very innovative company out of Seattle called Recycled Waders.

Owner, operator and chief bottle washer Patrick Jenkins is the man behind the vision to take all of that waste and turn it into functional fishing gear, as well as pieces for everyday life

And here's the deal, they're really damn cool.

Also, 941 pounds of waders were re-purposed and stayed out of the landfill in 2011.  Double Cool.

At the Chucking Line and Chasing Tail house, the wife loves this piece

The Eddy Roll Top Tote.   This is what a majority of groceries come home in.  It's bloody huge and fits a ton.  It also works well for a baby bag, and lets face it....way cooler than some Coach baby/manpurse that you're forced to wear when out with the kiddo.  Am I right, or am I right?

This fall, as I chase Steelhead, I am really excited about using this

The Big Fanny hip pack.  Yep, I also have one of those two.  They should meld well on the river.

There are 11 different products currently available on the Recycled Waders web site and more in the R and D pipeline according to Patrick.

Oh, for you hipsters out there.....check out the messenger creel.  You might even say you can put a bird on it (ahhh, shoot, Portlandia reference)

To sum it up, here's a company that's doing a solid for everyone in the industry and turning it around with a healthy dose of American angling ingenity.  Good on on ya Recycled Waders.

To find their products at a retail location across the west and some internationally, click HERE


  1. My hubby has their Greenback wallet and I have their LDS Traveler that I use as a purse. Love me some Recycled Waders!