Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sharing the Spot...

Knowledge gained on the river is a special thing.  Want to make it more rewarding?

Share it.

My home river is a funky flow.  Funky in the sense that it doesn't give up it's secrets easily.  Wading feels like walking on bowling balls coated in snot, fish don't readily rise to a dry and lastly, as summer progresses, you have to fish some crazy spots because the fish are in search of food and highly oxygenated water.

Over the years I've put the boot work in to find the spots and ledges that hold fish, and I hold those spots dear and usually, pretty tight to the vest.   Recently, I've realized that those secrets are best shared, at least in a small capacity.

The past month or so I've been joined by a couple of great friends as the sun rises on the weekends to steal a few hours of fishing before family obligations return us back to the home front.   Watching the gigantic smiles on their faces as the rainbows took time after time out of those hard to find runs and pools has made my fishing experience that much more enjoyable.

You can get burned if your not careful who you bring.  Against my better judgement, a few years ago I took a guy who begged me to show him this spot with the understanding that he wouldn't bring the rest of the world.

Turns out he did, numerous times

But hell, that's the chance you take.

I am now more careful on who I bring.    On the flip side, now they have been exposing me to water that I was not aware of, and techniques I didn't know about. 

You get back what you give....

Who wants to go fishing? 


  1. Fortunately, I am one of Josh's friends that he brought out to one of his fishing holes. As a relatively new fly fisher, I appreciate the coaching and time he spent w/ me in helping me learn how to read and fish these waters. Thanks! -Bill

  2. Good point, Josh. Sharing make great experience! That's for sure!
    Believe it or not, eventually your spots will get scooped. When it happened, it's time to move on and find another secret spot! : )

  3. I feel like I might be that guy. I posted some pics of a spot you showed me years ago, although i had fished the spot a few times before our outing. I was repremanded when I posted the photo, but its important to remember we don't own the river. I did reconsider the posting, but never took it down.

    I hope that my efforts to educating others about our river, and sharing my love of the place with some friends is enough to make up for the ousting of the spot. I still don't feel like its over pressured, and i have payed it forward by showing others my favorite spots on the river that i worked hard to find, learn, and dial in.

    I would like to make it up to you, if i can, by giving up the goods and the tactics to what is in my opinion the best producing hole on the river, from 7000-1000 cfs. I have landed multiple fish from there over 20 inches and it is extremely consitant and able to support 2 anglers. sure you have to deal with bums, cops, and tourists, but that is what an urban fishery is all about.

    I do really appreciate the afternoon you spent with me on the river josh, and if you want to make it up this way this spring with your 9wt single hander I would love to help you get into one of our big fish, if i can.

    i am more carefull about hotspotting now, not because im trying to keep a secert, but because i want others to experience the whole process. the searching, the trial and error, the success, and the repeatabilty. its about alot more then catching fish, its appreciating what we have around us and respecting it. explore every day, inspire others, and tight lines.


  4. Hey Millsy... I appreciate you sharing a couple of spots with me and I hope you have been back to fish the "X-File Hole" that I was able to share with you! The river is changing fast... I think there is more pressure now (WAAAYYY more fishing boat traffic/guides, etc. than in the days when we had 'er to ourselves)and that is changing the nature of the fishing... not a bad thing but I do keep a couple of my favorites close to the chest until I see a "River-Soldier",trout hugger, Newbie that could use a boost, or just a friend that will appreciate the spot as much as I do, and I then I let the secret spot fly away like a newly minted caddis fly... I have never regreted it. As you know, in that home river of yours, if your off by a foot from some of those cobbles, basalt ledges or seams, you might as well be fishing up on the road above you... So a spot is a very specific and cool thing. Good on you fer sharing.
    Keep scribbling man... I really enjoy it!

  5. Gawd, I am one sexy beast in waders!