Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nymph-Aid...Stickers for Bugs

Recently, a large part of my trout fishing arsenal flew the coup.  My prized trout nymph box filled with about 150 flies fell into the drink on the Spokane River and disappeared.

Which leads me to a great offer I shall throw out there.

Last winter, the great folks at The Wild Steelhead Coalition  and Save Bristol Bay hooked us up with a great deal of stickers for our Connect Film premier....

And when I say hooked up, I gave up out a couple hundred at the event and still have a ton left.  In the effort to get more of these stickers out there on cars, trucks, boats, rafts, trailers....whatever you may have, here's my offer

I need to restock my nymph box quickly.

You want these three stickers.

There's no minimum, there's no maximum.  Send me flies, you get a set of these babies to rock wherever you damn well please.
The main point of this, aside of the flies, is to strongly urge you to join the Wild Steelhead Coalition  and find a way you can help with the Bristol Bay fight against the Pebble Mine.  Both groups are doing tremendous work and need all the help you can offer.  I promise you this, you wont be turned down if you want to get involved
Drop me a comment with your email address and I will shoot you the pertinent details.

Let Nymphaid Begin!


  1. Dude, i need a millsfly sticker... but i dont tie. :) so.... how about a hug instead?

  2. What flavor of flies?? Just let me know and I'll get some on their merry way.

  3. I'm all for helping those anadramous fish... I guess hooking a brother up that lost his flies in the drink pulls on the heart strings too.


  4. I can send you some not so purty nymphs that I tie up, they're not much to look at but they catch the hell out of fish.


  5. I can send you some nymphs, some better tied than others.


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