Friday, December 21, 2012

Andy's First Steelhead...

I couldn't be happier for a good friend of mine.  He was finally rewarded.

You see Andy is about as a proficient trout angler as you'll find.  I've watched him dissect hatches and catch the un-catch-able trout. 

Steelhead on the other hand, drive him nuts.  Time after time they've given him the middle finger, causing him to loose faith and almost abandon the sport of steel.

Each fall and winter, he gets all psyched up enough to try it again.  Trip after trip....he repeats the line

"I'd rather cross I-90 at rush hour blindfolded and naked before I go steelhead fishing again"

He was batting a flat ZERO for landed steelhead in his lifetime.

With trout fishing, there is a rhyme and a reason why a fish eats.  They've keyed in a specific bug, a specific stage of that bug, so on and so forth.   Steelhead on the other hand....well there is no rhyme or reason.  They just eat, or they dont

And that fact is why Andy was so frustrated by steelhead....yet each year he musters up the courage to go get after it again.

Finally on Thursday afternoon I got the text....

"3-4 today, lost a monster"

The best rewards take work, don't they?

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