Monday, December 17, 2012

Top7 Reasons You'll Love the Redington's Form Game Rod

The Redington Form Game Rod....gawd this little guy is fun.

Here are the top 7 reasons why this fly rod practice tool should be part of your arsenal.

1.  How often do you practice your casting in the house, only to look like a pantomiming idiot because there's nothing in your hands?  For me, that answer is A LOT.  Now you can cast the length of the living room with a legit fly rod

2.  The size of the rod and length of the line make it a great teaching tool for adults and children

3.  It will drive your cat or nutty Labrador absolutely nuts.  Cast and retrieve, play the cat as if it was a jumbo brown trout.  Release and send back on it's way.

4.  The 30 ft fly line loads the rod so you'll feel like you're actually casting a normal fly rod

5.  Get back to camp from fishing and now you have a way to determine who is the more accurate caster.

6.   Perfect to teach kiddo's on.

7.   It's wicked tiny.   Cast in your home to your hearts content without breaking the tip on the ceiling or getting the line caught in your wife's hair.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, you can thank me later for saving the day by suggesting that this may or may not be a heck of a gift to put under the tree.

Happy indoor casting...errr, wait.  Dont tell my wife.

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