Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fish Onnnnn....Oh Hell!

All day long, I wanted to get Wayne from Maine in to a swimming rocket.  Twice at this run earlier in the morning I watched success snatched from his hands when fish took and unbuttoned all in the span of 5 minutes.

Dont ask him about the Bill Dance Bassmaster Trout Set on the first fish that may or may not have took the fly out of the steelhead's mouth.  Pay no attention to that.

With a scant 15 minutes of light left in the day, we returned to this run and gave Wayne the jump.

There's a point on this piece of water where you go around the corner and the people above you cant see you any more as the rocks screen you out of view.  Just about when he had dissapeared, two glorious words ran out, loudly.


Those words cause a beautiful succession of chaos that every steelhead fisherman knows.  A quick reel up and sprint down the shore to go help.  OMR continued to fish in the hopes of the elusive double.   I tried to chronicle the moment and stopped mid run to take the picture above, hoping that it would be the first of a lively series of pictures.

I hit the beach and I am thinking to myself, "wow, Wayne's realy put the wood to this's almost to the shore"

Then he says...

What the hell is that?

followed by

Oh shit.....damn it!

I just burst into laughter.....and the reason why?

He caught the anti-steelhead.

When a 5 pound sucker gets side hooked and takes line off your reel, it's an easy stretch to think it's a steelhead.

Oh hell, to another day of fishing.  We'll continue to laugh about this one for a while!


  1. This has happened to me more times than I would care to admit.

  2. Nice sucker! Any more photos of it? Any of them ever intentionally take a fly and get hooked in the mouth? Figuring out how to consistently get suckers on the fly is one of my main goals in life. There are a couple stories on my site ( from last winter of flyfishers in in MT and CO fair-hooking suckers, and I've got other accounts in my notes, but I need more stories and pics to add to the data. Can you say (here, or drop me an email) what river it is?