Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here Pink, Pink, Pinky...

Why the hell anyone would disregard pink salmon as a gamefish is beyond me.

2011 was my first experience with the pink salmon run that descends on the Puget Sound in the odd number year rotation.  Anywhere on the west coast, late summer and fall means salmon season and the frenzy it creates amongst fishermen and women is really something that should be experienced.

People lined the popular beaches hoping to intercept the schools of pinks and or coho whilst boats buzzed around the Sound with the hopes of getting to where the beach anglers couldn't.  The embodiment of stress and anxiety of the whole thing can be seen at the boat launches where the line to launch grows by the minute in the predawn morning.  Lord help the guy who's not a proficient back up artist and delays the whole racket.  Many a fight have happened on the boat ramp in salmon season unfortunately

Spending the day with Dave McCoy of Emerald Water Anglers and Dylan Rose of Flywater Travel was a crash course in the mechanics of salmon fishing.  Long stretches of inactivity followed by some of the most frenetic fishing I have ever been a part of.  Once we found a back bay in the South Sound where pod after pod of pinks cruised by, it was on like I have never seen fishing on.  Double after double, after double.

This weekend, we go back to the coast in search of salmon and I cant wait.  Fire up the smoker, it's time to fill it up with pinks.

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