Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh Crap, I Caught One...

Maybe it would have been better to not catch one so darn early this year.  Setting the expectation of catching a white unicorn from here on out is going to be rough.

The Clearwater has done this to me before.  I went 5 days between action the last time I caught a fish so early.

Bye bye trout gear, see you in the spring.  I've had a great time with the tiny bugs but it's time to dive into that time of year.   Dryline time on the big river is as special as it gets.

While not the biggest steelhead ever, she was as perfect of a wild specimen as I've seen and gave a pretty nice battle for a fish it's size.

As she swam away, the guys I was fishing with looked at me and in unison, asked how that felt?


It's the best way to describe the first steelhead of the 2013 season

Photo credit to the guy who puts out this awesome online mag for swanging flies.


  1. Nice work! Quite likely a resident steelhead that never went to the ocean.

  2. Is that some grey hair in their old man? Nice fish!

  3. I can relate. I once caught an early winter during the first half of November. It was two long months until my next fish.