Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Admit it...this is where you spend your work day

Time to throw the spotlight at the great fly fishing info aggregator...

When I found this site in January of 2007....I was like a man standing at the edge of a cliff.  I was coming closer and closer to falling off and into the rabbit's hole of fly fishing.  It was taking over my life's interests (besides my lovely wife).  I was on the cusp.

Washington Fly Fishing pushed me off the ledge. Really I dove in, happily.

Of course there's the constant posts like this

Where can I find trout in Washington?

What weight rod for a steelhead?

Etc, etc, etc.....BUT

I have found that this site has been a great gateway to me to some stellar info.  Newbs dont get burned at the stake, usually everyone's pretty coo with everyone else and info passed along.

I've met some of my best fishing friends like Steelie Mike and Jergens and Chou Dog.  I've been assisted at great lenghths in my rookie spey inquiries....and generally,  I love wasting a bit of time on this great site.

Never been on? Jump on in...the waters are just fine.

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