Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh Cantwell and Murray....Hello?????

Oregon's in......

Idaho's in........

Washington's Not...really???

What in god's name is preventing Senator Maria Cantwell and Senator Patty Murray from even acknowledging the request to come to the table with all other stakeholders in a round table forum to put it all out there for the sake of salmon and steelhead in the Snake River Basin.

The Working Snake River Project in coordination with Save our Wild Salmon again submitted, along with 120 business, commercial and scientific leaders in our region, asking the two Washington Senators from joining the conversation about a change in salmon restoration policy.  Its time to listen to all stake holders like farmers to find out what their main concerns are in how we go about saving the backbone of the Columbia and Snake River Ecosystem...salmon and steelhead


Seattle, Wash. – On Tuesday, 120 Western Washington business owners and community leaders wrote to U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell urging their leadership in solving the Northwest salmon crisis. The open letter to the senators also appears as a full-page ad in today’s Puget Sound based weekly the Stranger.

These leaders want the senators to bring together all interests —farmers, fishermen, energy users, business owners and local communities—to craft a durable science-based and economically viable salmon restoration plan. They acknowledge past tensions surrounding the salmon issue, but note the enormous economic opportunity if Washington can forge an effective long-term solution.

Click HERE to learn more and  to view the Western and Eastern Washington letters to the two senators

Fisherman want fish.  Farmers want their products delivered to market in a cost effective manner. Everyone wants a healthy, sustainable ecosystem and every stakeholder has an iron in the fire. 

Finally we have most everyone involved ready to sit down and talk.  Why is Washington the only state in the region not coming to the table.  More importantly, why cant we bypass the Senators and send the message that their not getting the job done

Hey...Helloooooooo Senator Cantwell and Murray.  Can you hear that?  It's pissed off voters, wondering what the hell is going on.

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  1. Vote them all out!! A lot of political ignorance going around these days. Liken your blog dude. Look forward to following it