Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fly Fishing helps you find some classy joints

On a post work fishing exploratory mission, I found the greatest named dive bar of all time. 

The Dirty Shame Saloon.


Maybe it's the proximity to backwoods places or maybe a fly rod in your hand that serves as a magnet to theses places, but we always find them.  They're always filled with a cast of bar characters and quirky proprietor who don't really care if your boots are still wet and give you the "well come on in, stop letting the AC out" look on their faces

Here's the funny thing too about these little dive bars.  All of them have some sort of menu specialty they hang their hat on.  At the Dirty Shame, the make a mean pie....loaded to the 9's.  I had two pieces of this beast and I feel like I ate a pillow...A delicious pillow

And the last indicator of how cool this place is.....

You never have that pesky question of "how much does that cost"  No no no, they've solved that problem already.  Magic markered on ever bottle, the price of a shot.  

My buddy Brian and I had a great time after fishing at the Dirty Shame.  It belongs in the dive bar hall of fame.

Lastly, the name on this place really begs the question, do you feel "Dirty Shame" when you go in...or when you come out?

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  1. Ha! What a bloody awesome place! Love this post!