Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mancrafting....Father's Day Edition

Every once in a while, I get a little bit crafty.   No, not like Jaime Moyer's 80 mph heater...but like I should be doing demo's at Jo Ann Fabric

Ok...maybe not that far.  Back to the point. 

On my inagural sojurn to the Olympic Penninsula last March with OMR, I found this really cool chunk of Cedar on the banks of the Hoh River.  I threw it in the truck, and figured I would find something cool to do with it. 

And snap...the lightbulb came on with a killer idea for Fathers Day.   A bit of sanding, some rattle-can satin finish, a few eye bolts, wire and keychain rings.....OMR's 2010 Father's Day present was born. 

The 2009/2010 Steelhead season was remarkable for many, and we were right there expriencing it as much as possible.   Steelhead Camp on the Ronde, finding our way in Speyland, the OP....good gawd it was amazing.

Taking the best shots from the season, the wood piece became a flip chart of memories...steelhead style

Thanks Dad...AKA, Old Man river for another great year afield .  You're a great fishing partner


  1. That's really cool! Man,

    I used to collect a lot of those ceder or other conifer drift woods too. not only good looking but don't they smell good!? Nicely done!


  2. He's crafty! Good work. Glad I could lend a hole-punch. ;)

  3. Cool idea! Moyer...crafty? or Crusty?