Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dryline Slumpbuster...and a Fay Clave write up preview

Finally, the Clearwater gave up the goods.  This little player ended a long cold streak, and it was as sweet as it could be on a dry line and a monster pull that ripped the loop out of my hand.

The inaugural edition of the Clearwater River Fay Clave went off without a hitch.  A full write up coming soon, but here are some of the highlights

1.  Skaters

2.  Teaching an uncle how to spey cast

3.  Same uncle raising a fish on a skater 4 times

4.  Stormin-Norman, the roost ruling camp host

5.  Great post fishing camaraderie. 

6.  Uncles from Portland getting lost for an hour and half in BFE Idaho

7.  The artform that is the comback fly

8.  Custom OMR Wiskey

9.  One epic night at the Mill Run

10.  A very, very happy OMR

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  1. Well Hell you had "Steelie Mike" there to help. That boy knows his shit!