Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life Seems Like It's on Mute Right now

A weekend to the trout holy land of Twin Bridges, Montana can do that to you.

There are certain times in life were everything just pulls together, and this last weekend was like an arrow hitting the dead center of a bullseye

From Missouri, Hawaii, Ellensburg, Portland, Seattle and all places in between, members of the fly fishing degenerate council and their better half's descended into Southwest Montana for a little wedding for our buddy Joe Willauer of Evolution Anglers

Planned or not, it also coincided with some pretty nice hopper fishing on the rivers surrounding town.  If you don't know what they are, then you probably need to go find out...cause it's a trout fisherman's version of mecca

Fishing was a nestled in the region between great and unreal.  When you can toss big foam pillows down a current line and have toad browns tip their noses up to accept, it's a pretty rad deal

I hopped in an extra seat on Friday and Kevin Samuelson of the Evening Hatch and his lovely girlfriend Liz. 
She did an excellent job showing s that girls often out fish the boys

And Kevin showed me that there are Steelhead east of the continental divide

The day of the wedding was the culminating day of the trip.  It's a special day when you can do a bit of fishing, hop up the bank, get ready and walk to the most beautiful little church I've ever seen. 

A little golden love right before.....

The ultimate expression of love was stated between Joe and Ke'lah Willauer.  Cheers to you too!

So the stars aligned, the sun shined on our backs, fish ate big dries, a few too many Moscow Mules were consumed, a 4 wheeler ran around the reception hall and I danced like a fool at the reception of the best wedding weekend I've ever been to.


  1. Great trip, Josh, and nice of you to tear yourself away from the epic fishing to actually attend the wedding. I'm sure Joe would have understood had you opted to keep fishing and just showed up at the reception late, smelling of fish and liquor.

  2. Just an Awesome report and great pictures looks like a fun fun time!