Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not Your Average Fishing Calendar

Everyone's got one.  Everyone gets you in the Christmas season, because everyone knows you fish.  The kiosk at the mall sells them by the hundreds.  

What am I talking about...the average fishing monthly calendar.   The 12 monthly pictures accompanied by the beautiful tailing loops, the grip and grins and the far off places you hope to fish someday.   The follow the same pattern, etc, etc and etc.   We've all seen it a gazillion times

Finally, we've found something way different, way cooler and with way more humor than the others. 

Local artist Deanna Camp has created here annual calendar showcasing some of the most unusual trout, like the "Troutalope" which is featured in this year's edition of Elusive Trout. 

Starting out as a gift for friends and family, these illustrations are now incorporated into an annual calendar

Last spring, my wife and I were out wasting time yard sale-ing (hey, the rivers were blown out) and I had the fortunate luck to run into Deanna and picked up a 2010 calendar at her yard sale.  It now graces my fly tying bench.  Here's one of my favorites from last year
 The best part about this calendar are the accompanying descriptions of the fish.  This year's calendar features a Jamaican Trout, Frequent Flyer Trout, and Biker Trout to name a few

If you're in Spokane, you can meet Deanna at Tinman Gallery October 2nd at 1pm and have your calendar signed.   

So if you are going to buy a fishing calendar, this is by far and away the most unique one you can possibly find.  

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  1. My fav is the Grateful Dead trout from March, Love the illustrations!