Thursday, September 30, 2010

So you dont have a DSLR....

Neither do I....

Truthfully, I want one very mucho mas....extremely times 10 to the power of infinity.  It will come soon enough and so, I've learned a few tricks along the way to make my point and shoot Pentax Optio W80 go a lot farther than I thought I could get it to go

Comprised from tips from others and solidified from experience, here's a few key items that have really helped me along the way.  

1.  Change the angle

How many times have you seen a shot of a guy crouching down, holding out a fish for his hero shot.  Often times that shot fails because the photog is way up high, and the angle makes the person in the shot look like an ant.  Drop down and take the shot level at the level of the angler or take the shot from right on the water's perspective like the bonefish pic above

2.  Drool over fish porn

I spend a lot of time drooling at pictures from guys like Corey Kruitbosch or others who's work consistently ends up in The Drake.  Their work is beyond good, its next level stuff and I get a lot of ideas from theses guys.  Framing a shot, the use of macro, so on and so forth.  Keep em coming guys

3.  When in doubt, crop.

When i get back from a fishing trip, I am usually left with a lot of images that at first glance, dont work.  BUT...a simple crop of the extraneous scenery can yield a great shot and a whole new perspective on what's going on.   In the shot above, my buddy Bo looked pretty insignificant in the original frame.  Click click and bang...a more intimate shot of a guy hoping for a Steelhead to take a wild ride.

4.  Keep Pressing the Shutter Down

The beauty of digital can always hit delete and you're only bound by the size of your chip.  With the way our point and shoots work, the third shot out of a series of five might be the money one.  The others...throw away.  Also, take pictures of other things besides when your buddy scores a nice fish.  I find that candid shots of action or people engrossed in fishing produces some of the best shots out there.  Casting photos are always fun to capture

5. Use the power of your computer

The great equalizer for us point and shooters is editing software.  Until recently, my editing was limited to the very basic functions that accompany Windows Media Player.  Just adjusting saturation, contrast and other controls makes a drastic difference.  A few months ago I upgraded to Adobe's Lightroom program.  Holy Hell...the tricks that this program can do.

I have a long ways to go and I'm constantly trying to get better.  Hopefully these tips will help you get better shots and if you have more simple tips for point and them in the comments section and I will repost them later.   Good luck shooting!

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