Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fly Tiers are a Plagaristic Bunch...

How do I know this, well...I'm one of them.  Picking up a fly at a shop and then bringing it home, dissecting it and reproducing it sometimes gives me the feeling of a North Korean nuclear scientist.  The item of my desire is before me.  I have the plans, now time to reproduce.

I believe the term is reverse engineering.  Tonight had me saddled up to the tying bench, working to recreate this fly.

A little rabbit, some tinsel, some wire, two different types of dubbing and my favorite material..guinea hackle all around a traditional Alec Jackson style hook.  Shouldn't be too difficult eh?

Decoding the step by step process without a recipe is a bit like looking at a loaf of my wife's homemade banana bread and trying to figure out which ingredient went first, and then so on.  Errors do happen

After a few trial and error sessions, paydirt.

 I changed a few color combinations to fall in line with the most productive colors on my Steelhead rivers.

Blue always works on a Steelhead like a mini skirt works for a hot girl trying to attract a member of the opposite sex

So yes...I copied it.  I am a plagiarist

Now to tie a dozen  more


  1. Ha ha, were all guilty! Good looking fly.

  2. The "Steelhead Mojo". I'm glad the fly caught your eye. I'm the origniator of that fly. It's a great steelhead fly for summer and winter fish.

    Rich Youngers

  3. Mills,

    I really dig the first one (purple and orange). The proportions on that fly are spot on!