Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Truck Lasers On the Big River

A day on the Big River gave us these opportunities......

The ability to fish on a 60 degree day in February

Get the feel of a pair of demo rods from Red Truck Fly Rods.  Review coming shortly

And to giggle my ass off as this bachelor herd of sheep charge and whiz by within 4 feet of my buddy Wayne. 

It was a beautiful day but alas no fish to hand.  When you step into the river in the morning and loose sight of your boots after a foot of water, you know catching goes down on the probability list.  But hell...neither is being trampled by bighorn sheep

All photo's courtesy of my bud Wayne from Maine.  Soon he will be joining the blogisphere and we here at Chucking Line and Chasing Tail fully endorse any of his work.   Expert fly tier, great fisherman, not bad on the camera as you can see...and what I am most excited about--he know's how to catch Striiiii-pahs.  Knowledge I hope to put to use some day if I ever get out there to New England

Thanks Wayne!


  1. Thanks for keeping the pressure on me to start my own blog...

  2. The Big Horns...awesome! It definitely makes a day of no fish a little better.