Monday, February 21, 2011

Texts You Dont Want Receive While Sitting in Cubicle-land

It's Monday, 9am and I am knee deep in getting the work week rolling.

Emails are being shot out, faxes are coming in.  New shit is coming to light and my desk rumbles with the report of a text received. 

Its my buddy Joe, AKA, Chewbacca, AKA Toby Keith of the OP, AKA Mr Evolution Anglers

"(Angler Name Omitted) just released some lower Hoh chrome at (specific run name omitted) "

And so begins a series of texts that I'd rather not get again.  Never.  Ever. 

Then this comes in

"Hooked 3 so far"

Oh really,  thanks for the update and my tie becomes a little more tight. 

And then the clincher.  If this was mortal combat, this would be the kill shot and the game would proclaim "flawless victory"

"Just swung the best steelhead of my life"

Oh really, great.  Good for you.  Thanks for ruining my day

3 weeks to go till our sojourn to the Holy Land of Steelhead and Team Jacob.   Mid March can't come fast enough.

Still considering coming out to the OP, I highly, highly suggest you book a trip with Joe from Evolution Anglers.  Joe and the Brazda Crew work hard, fish hard and plain do it right.   They might or might not have a couple of select openings before the season is done.  If I were you, I'd jump on it brosef.  

You wont regret it

I fully anticipate 3 weeks of texts to continue to come until I am sitting in Joe's boat. 




    The the best steelhead of my (Joe) life"

  2. Technology, and friends, suck!