Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wild Steelhead....Stop Eating it!

Pikes Street Fish Market.  Ray's Boathouse.  It's off their menus, and now it's time for all of us to continue to stand up and help get Wild Steelhead off the menu and offerings of any establishment

There is one place in the lower 48 where Wild Steelhead are taken and sold to market, and that's from the rivers of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. The wild stock of these rivers while not listed on the Endangered Species Act, are severely depressed and taking of these fish is part of a an unsustainable

practice.  The tribes have a right to harvest the fish, but we can do our best to make it known how much impact it's having.

Add to the mix the confusion the difference between hatchery fish, farmed fish, unclipped hatchery fish and wild fish themselves....its no wonder why people dont know how to fight this issue.  It's hard to know where to start.

So right now, it's about information.  It's about education.  It's about raising some fundage to help the fight to protect these fish

Ladies and Gentlemen, I urge you to find your way to facebook and join the group by clicking here

Next, go here...http://www.allenflyfishing.com/products/wild-steelhead-stickers

and pick up a few stickers to show your support.  All profits will be to wild steelhead conservation efforts.

Allen Fly Fishing volunteered to fund this sticker effort to get it off the ground.  Kudos to then and their company.  They're not just a site sponsor for this blog, but they're good people.  Check them out.

Time to draw your own personal line in the sand....

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  1. I love allen fly fishing! I mostly use their hooks exclusively. Great blog!