Monday, February 28, 2011

Dispatches from The Wild Steelhead Coalition.....Check this Map Out!

Friends and fans of Wild Steelhead, please take a peek at this map, a status of steelhead populations across their historic range.

For me personally, my journey into advocacy for steelhead is about acquiring information to make me a more learn-ed fellow.  Basically I am hoping to learn enough to not sound like an idiot when I get all fired up and want to tell others why I am so passionate. 

What I am learning now about are the 15 different "Distinct Population Segments" of West Coast Steelhead.

A Snake River Basin Fish are not completely the same as a Oregon Coastal Fish.  Just looking at the separate journeys that these two distinct strains of fish have to make to get to their spawning grounds leads one to believe that these fish behave least a little...from the other. 

Ever hear of a one strain of steelhead being more "trouty" than others.  Another strain being renowned for being great fighters.  Yet another for distinct body shapes.  There you go, they've evolved to meet the challenges that their separate and distinct river systems have.

Right now, 12 of the 15 Distinct Population Segments are listed in bad shape.  Not good news eh?

Yes, the news isn't great, but join me in learning more by joining the Wild Steelhead Coalition.

It's a paltry $20 to join, and you gain an incredible bank of knowledge to help you help these fish.  

I just joined, it's time for you to do so as well

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  1. I'm a novice in my knowledge too, but am striving to learn more. Thanks for passing this along, a great resource! -stephanie