Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I Suck At .....

We all have our wheel house.

Throw the pitch, down the middle it comes.....and we park it. 

Proficiency is one thing, but on the dark side of that, we all have the things we just plain suck at.

In the fly fishing arena, there is a dark side of my moon.

Case in point....

1.  Nail Knots, and it's bastard tool.

Lets just say that loop to loop connections saved me in fly fishing.   The feeling of inadequacy that this little piece of metal gives me makes me feel like a newborn looking at a screwdriver.   I suppose I need to sit down and freaking learn this, but good gawd, I HATE the NAIL KNOT.   Long live loop to loop connections!

 2.  Tying Little Dry Flies

Give me a Alec Jackson Hook or a Waddington Shank, and I am at home on the vice.  Present me with a size 18 and tell me to tie a Trico, and I've reached my limits.   Really, I can do it, but I hate it.

3.  Rowing Big Ass Rapids...

May I say this right now.  These guys in the picture above which I found on google...are better than me.  I'd rather pull over and line a boat through craziness than to row it and flip it like an idiot.  Last year on the Olympic Penninsula each time we'd set up for some big rapids on the Sol Duc, invariably our guide would take us down the opposite line I would think we should go.  Fook me

We all have items that we dont do well.  It's cool, we all have limitations.  Face them, embrace them and we can then look to get better at them.

Shoot me a comment, lets see what you struggle with.  Trust me, it's ok to admit it.

Now to go find my nail knot tool....


  1. Nice read dude. The nail knot, shit? Most knots are difficult for me.... I've been blessed with stubby freaking fingers, that suck at tying stuff....

    Anyway, I practiced with the tool for hours.... I had the directions in my front pocket while on the river today. Hell, I keep the damn thing in my wallet, just in case I have a brain fart and forget how to use it....

    You don't suck! We all suck at tying knots. Well at least all the people I know.

    I can tye and mean clinch though.


  2. Josh, your short list of unaccomplishments pale by comparison to mine, but we share a mutual inadequatulence when it comes to nail knots. I only use it for backing to fly line, and use a hefty gob of super glue for good measure. But focus on your merits- like the fact that you have a great face for radio.

  3. Knots, Knots, Knots. It is so bad that I have to practice at home so I can go out on my own without Dustin. I'll tie, he pulls just a bit and inevitably it breaks. Then we start over. GRRR!!!

  4. You are not alone my friend, i also suck at those three. Loop to loops are a gift from above. I cant play basketball either.

  5. Well, you'll get to see my spey casting tomorrow. I'll be a bit rusty to say the least. Praying for river left...

  6. for me the best help with the nail knot is a freakin nail... I use a nail for my nail knot it that weird? it's pretty easy to hold a couple of wraps of line and pull the nail out..

    what do I struggle with,, I strugle with dry fly fishing. Im suck fishing sub surface when the action is on top.. Not all bad because they eat tons of emergers.. but I lack something when it comes to confidence with dry bugs

  7. Three things: 1. Nails knots are a useless evil. Good job on the loop to loops. 2. What's a Trico? 3. What's a #18 hook? As for things that suck, you should see me play darts... hello wall, goodbye dart points.