Monday, March 7, 2011

Brown Is...

The worst possible word to describe these fish. 

A least a Rainbow has a name that illicits a wide array of colors. 

There cant be a more plain and vanilla name for Brown Trout.  Beyond vibrant and with great color variation, they differ with each specific fish and each river they come from.

But for me there isnt a better looking fish around for us to chase in the Northwest.  Combine looks and personality of a street thug, what a fish it is.


  1. That's so true, I was out with my step dad a few days back, and while a fish on, he says, "rainbow"? I said "nope brown" he said "oh bull shit its a yellow"... been laughin ever since...

    Nice fish!

  2. cruise on over to utard and you'll catch the shit out of the browns