Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go Get Yourself Some Tail...

Ahh huh....

The time is absolutely right.  You might want to call Brazda and Chewbacca to see if they have time left.


  1. Hi Josh, nice photo but I wonder if you've thought about the impact hyping these fisheries is having? It seems like every post is name dropping a river, guide, etc. You may not have been fishing the area long enough to notice the change but this season its more crowded than ever before. That of course is partly due to closures of the PS rivers but internet hype isn't helping.

  2. A.N., Steelhead: You seriously need to relax. Unless you own the land and the waters being fished you have no right to criticize. The recruitment of like-minded hunters/fishers is the single best way to preserve the outdoor recreation that we all love. Everyone of us learned from someone that "divulged" a secret river or stream.