Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nope, Not Excited

Nope, not excited at all.  Not in the least bit.  7 more days till the Olympic Peninsula.  No big deal.

I havent counted the days down for the past 3 months.  Nope havent done that.  Havent wanted to punch a certain friend in the balls whom I will be fishing with for sending me daily guide trip updates and pictures of fish so chromed out you can see their reflection in them.

I havent checked my gear 3 times already, gone over my flies and made a list of a dozen bugs that need to get wrapped before we depart next Tuesday.

I wont be feverishly working ahead at work for the next 4 work days to get ahead so I can focus on the task at hand when I am out there.  Nope, its an every day occurance.

I could take or leave this trip.....but then I'd be lying so much that my nose would be two feet long if it was an inch.


  1. who needs steel when you have brown trout? :(

  2. Im leaving monday, coming back sunday. work is getting tough.

  3. Now 6 days. I'm jealous.