Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elusive Trout Artist Reception in Spokane

This Friday, you have the opportunity to see some very rare trout.

Tinman Gallery in Spokane will host an artist reception for Deanna Camp, creator of the Elusive Trout Series this Friday starting at  5pm.

Pared with original flies tied by Northwest fly wrappers Brian Chou and Dave Mack, these 12 new fish you have never seen before will cause a thought and a chuckle.  After all, who's ever caught a Deadhead Trout?

For more info, click on the link to Tinman or visit Deanna's web site, Elusive Trout

See you Friday!


  1. Thank you so much Josh. I appreciate all your help and feedback. I will be contacting the national blogs at a later date because they won't do as much to get local traffic to the Tinman short term. Am following up with Silverbow and TU Spokane today.

  2. Deanna's prints are great. Based on the photos, the reception will be a good time.