Thursday, June 25, 2015

It Will Be Cold Again....

104, 102, 103

The next three days expected high temps.   As hell's inferno is about to descend upon the Pacific Northwest, I find solace in that it will be cold again.

The blast furnace of summer will subside and the crisp mornings of fall are just around the corner.  Summer will hold on but Fall will always win.  It always does and we who love more than just tubing around on a lake will come alive at the bounty of September and October. 

Beyond that, what really keeps me going through the heat of hades is the thought of stepping into 40 degree water in December in a canyon so calm, so quiet that my soul resonates at it's highest frequency. 

It also helps that the fishing is damn good too.

So I smile at you triple digits, your days are numbered.


  1. I can't wait for clouds, rain, and cold. Make it go away!

  2. Millsy, it seems like just yesterday we couldn't wait for winter to be done and spring to be here.