Thursday, June 4, 2015


My first introduction to the legacy gift that is public land access was as a chubby 13 year old kid.  We launch our boat on the snake river and powered down to a canyon across the river in search of chuckars.

The BLM land that we had access to was immense, dynamic and beautiful.  Miles and miles of that river system was in the hands of public trust for our benefit.   Fisherman, campers, boaters, hunters...all have the ability to use these lands without cost or consideration

Do we realize how unique and special that is?

I was speaking with a friend on the east coast of Canada and I asked about salmon fishing out there as it's on my personal bucket list.  What it came down to was how much money it costs on the prime rivers and prime beats.

It's hard to even conceptualize private rivers.   In that case, he who controls the land around the river, controls the access.

Can you imagine not having access to your favorite river or seemingly endless tracts of public land?

Are you #PublicLandsProud?

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is one of the groups leading the charge to protect our access to these lands for the public benefit.

Right now they are hosting a PHOTO CONTEST using the #publiclandsproud hashtag on instagram.

I suggest you check your photos and submit, and remind yourself that we are so, so very lucky to have the access we have

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