Monday, June 1, 2015


Getting shuttles dialed in on a river can be a crap shoot.    There's nothing like dropping keys to your rig in the hand of someone you dont know at a shop you've never been at and hoping your trucks in the right spot at the end of the day

Enter Shuttle Snap to simplify the system.  It's a web based app that works on all your platforms and devices allowing for a seamless transaction between folks needing a shuttle and the drivers ferrying your rig.

It's a super easy 5 step process that goes from picking river, to float, to date/time, to provider and then an other information that may be pertinent

Right now, the system is based in Montana, but other states are soon to come online.  I am excited to see the system grow as the guys who are behind this system are solid gold dudes from the fly fishing industry who do great work.

Check it out, visit SHUTTLESNAP and the next time you're on the way to the river and your rig needs a ride downriver....give them a shot.

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