Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thanks Dad...

For being my role model throughout my life

also for.....

Telling me hunting fishing stories every night when I was very young.  I was spellbound and remember ever story from Shocktaw Ridge

Taking me on the Salmon River when I was 9.  That overnight rafting trip was special, I saw my first shooting star and I was convinced ever rock that my mepps spinner hit was a fish.

Being my chauffeur to a million and a half soccer, baseball and basketball practice, including the horrific 6am weight lifting classes my freshman year in high school.

Being there for all my outdoor firsts, including that great and special moment when those two mulies came running down the treeline and we tagged out together.  Buck fever be damned!

Not laughing as I missed about 400 grouse when I was 13 on Rodgers Peak.  Now that was a terrible display of shooting, considering I dont think I had ever seen you miss....ever.

For telling me before every one of my baseball games when I was the starting pitcher to have fun. Just have fun.  Also for talking shit to the opposing parents.  It was hard not to laugh from the mound

Walleye fishing on Lake Roosevelt, trolling for Macs at the cabin, running down pheasants on the Palouse, adventures in deer hunting

That trip to Fernie was amazing.  Catching that first fish on the fly rod and that was that.

Being ready to roll anytime.  Drive 22 hours to the Skeena, fish the Snake in 32 degree water temps, old age be damned.

For teaching me a few tricks in advertising, even if your the last human alive who survives via fax.

I take great pride in watching the faces of my friends as they are amazed at your ability to catch fish. Getting out-fished by OMR is just normal to me.

Most of all, thanks Dad....happy father's day!

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