Monday, August 31, 2009



watch the fisheeees

Keep swimming kids, keep swimming

Monday, August 24, 2009

Steelhead Camp

Tent Up...Spot Paid for....Now get swimming steelhead, and swim fast!

The inaugural 2009 Grand Ronde Steelface camp is up and ready to go. How did this stroke of genius come to us, well ...

How many times over the past 5 years have OMR, my buddies and I been on the road at 4 am, on the river at 7, fished all day, drive home and crawl into bed at 10pm.

If your answer was a lot, tons, or even better, 10-15 times a fall...then you're correct. Finally, it came to us


and oh yeah, as a side note...the area has good bird hunting...bonus

This deal is 14x16 of goodness. You could have a dance party for 25 people and still have room for a DJ and his turn tables. So mix in a stove, cotts, tables and vices....good lord is this thing going to rock. I wonder if I can get a keg fridge going, or would that be over the top?

I have anticipated this fall steelhead season like no other. I have been putting my spey rod time in, learning that beast. I've been drooling like the rest of us about the mind boggling #'s crossing Bonneville. Summer, blahh...bring on fall.

So yes, we are a bit early for this river and it's run of steelfaces. But hey, dont call me late!

Lastly, this place needs a name, and that's where you come in. Yes, whomever is reading this blog, I need your help. What shall we call this illustrius place on the Grande Ronde. Suggestions please

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dialing in the Spokane

Dialed in a couple of buddies on my favorite stretch of the Spokane the last two nights

Both caught fish, both got better at the game.

Teaching.....teaching what you know can be so rewarding