Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Free The Snake Flotilla Now Is...

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The Nimiipu River Rendezvous

This September 20th-22nd, join the 5th annual gathering to advocate for a free flowing Snake River.

Join tribal members, anglers, boaters, orca lovers and other river advocates for a gathering on the lower Snake river in support of removing the 4 lower Snake River dams for salmon, for people, for orcas

I've been a part of many of the past floatillas and it's a remarkable gathering of people united in one goal to free the Snake.   Last year almost 800 people on the water in all manner of watercraft in a statement that the old policies of the 4 failing lower Snake River dams need to go. 

It's an inspiring event that you should be a part of. 

Visit Free The Snake's web site to get more info and register to be a part of the Nimiipu River Rendezvous

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Bizzaro World Appointment of William Pendley

The fox is in the henhouse

That's the only way to describe the appointment of William Pendley by the Trump administration to lead the Bureau of Land Management.

An extreme W. T. F. ?

You see, Pendley is a vocal proponent of the government selling all the public lands in the west.  His interpretation of the constitution gives him the belief that only states should be able to own land and the federal government shouldnt.

This guy is no ally to public land users.  This is no supporter of hunters, backpackers, mt. bikers, river runners and fisherman.  He's not in the corner of the ability of parking your truck on the road and hiking for miles because that's the right of every public land user in the country.

This guy is special interest through and through

Seeing this appointment is another indication that we are living in the bizzaro world of The Trump administration.   Why in the world would you appoint someone to this post who's stated goal or aspiration is dismantlement?

I'll let you decide that one. 

It's time to contact your elected officials and tell them to reject this appointment.  It's still the good ol' USA and we have the power of the collective voice to express opposition. 

Be heard ladies and heard.

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers has a simple form set up to help you voice your opinion.