Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Burke Museum Steelhead Exhibit

If there's any way you can go to this event to benefit the Wild Steelhead Coalition, I highly suggest you check it out.

I have this little stat tracker on my blog and if your IP address comes from the 206, consider yourself on notice that  if you dont go, I will find you and play every crappy Creed song that was ever created until you go.  It wont be pretty.

So in other words....get thee to this wonderful showcase, you wont be disappointed.   Read on for more information.


SEATTLE – Anglers know it as the “fish of a thousand casts." Washingtonians know it as their state fish, symbolizing the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. And through November 15th, the steelhead will be celebrated in an exhibit at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum to raise awareness and support for this iconic, and threatened, fish.

Titled “The Magnificent Steelhead,” the display will culminate with a reception and art sale on November 8, with all proceeds benefiting the Wild Steelhead Coalition, an organization dedicated to increasing the return of wild steelhead to the rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest.

Works in the Burke exhibit include photographs printed on canvas, as well as mixed media pieces from individuals in the angling community, including Andy Anderson, Jeff Bright, Keith Douglas, Brian Huskey, Brian O’Keefe, Jonathan Marquardt, Dave McCoy, Ken Moorish, Tim Pask, Steve Perih, Mike Savlen, and Bob White.

Visitors can also learn more about steelhead, as well as conservation efforts being taken by the Wild Steelhead Coalition to support the species through hatchery reform, scientific research and policy changes on behalf of wild fish.

The event runs from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. and includes hors d’oeuvres from the Steelhead Diner and beverages from Precept Wine.

November 8, 2012 | 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. | Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture

On the UW Campus - 17th Ave NE & NE 45th St

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Could They Be Brothers?

You dont need DNA evidence on this one.

OMR and his younger brother OMR Ver 2.0 knocking back a little stream side lunch on the Grande Ronde.

As a side benefit, they both dont hear well.   Just about the only thing that separates them is the 10 years in age, and that's about it.

Lastly, they're both fish vacuums.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ol' Murph Dog Will Be Happy Today...

Notice how Murph is smiling.  I predict that later today, she'll be wearing that same shit eating grin on her face.


Because of the fact our feathered friends in the tall grass won't be having such a splendid fall day


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Take that Barney and Thomas The Train...

Forget the big purple dinosaur or the talking train on an island.....Big C's reading list is pretty damn awesome

As he says, "Dadda...we weed feesheeees"

Sure anytime there son!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

When the Steelhead Gods Say It's Time....

When the steelhead gods say its time, then it's time.

My good friend Ryan took up the Spey game a year ago, and he's been dedicated to two handed casting with the goal of hooking his first steelhead on the Spey.

Yesterday, it happened.

Three quarters through the swing in my favorite run in my favorite river in the world this A run gamer slammed his bug and off to the races it went.  Hatchery in origin, it is current marinating in wait of the bbq tonight at the Bailey household.

Two weeks ago Ryan accompanied OMR and I to the big water in the hopes of crossing off the list.  In the last run of the day I turn around  to hear "fish, fish, fiiiiiiiish" and Ryan was hooked up.  Two seconds later the fish was off and if he was the swearing type, I am sure there would have been some choice words.  Sometimes, the connection isnt sold and the fish swims on.  Dems da breaks. 

Now back to yesterday, as it's not always the biggest fish you catch that leaves the biggest mark on your brain. .  Often times, it's the one you work the hardest for, as in the case here with Ryan's first spey rod steelhead.

By the way, that fish is bigger than it looks.  Ryan used to play basketball for the Palouse Cougars and thus, he's a huge dood.  He estimated the buck around 5 lbs.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Side Benefit of Fishing The Spokane....

Oh the glorious Spokane River

When you hook up, you get to work on a skill set that you don't have the opportunity to perfect on other rivers.

In this case, dodge the floating bleach containers as the redband rainbow runs circles around it. 

Then, get your recycle on....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Tale of Two Lines...Rio Grand and Gold

We've all been there.  The newest, latest and greatest line comes out and the gots to have it fever hits us.

Sometimes the newness delivers.  Sometimes, it doesn't and it makes you value what has always brought home the bacon.

Enter my two favorite trout lines.  The Rio Gold and Rio Grand.   The standard go-to lines in my arsenal.

I've tried a bunch of lines for trout and steelhead on the single handed sticks.   The rivers I fish for  trout and steelhead fishing dictates that I nymph a ton.  The Spokane for instance is about 95% sub surface.  At the same time that line that can turn over a double nymph rig should be able to subtly drop a small dry fly on target at distance.

These lines do it.

I was given the opportunity to test out the new editions of the Rio Gold (5wt) and the Rio Grand (8wt) and have already previously put the Gold on my 4 wt.

Well beyond the rod, the line is the dance partner that makes fly fishing come together.  The faster rods in production now by most of the major manufacturers dictate a line that is slightly overweighted and rockets out the guides

These two are just that.

Want to see the difference a line makes in your fishing?  Go find the cheapest fly line you can find and go fish it for 10 minutes.  The difference you feel will be shocking and you'll run back to the standard bearers of quality

Hint hint....they're the lines we're talking about here.

I throw the gold on my 4 and 5 wt and throw everything from big buggers to size 18 emergers and it passes the test time in and time out.

The 8wt Grand is a bomb dropper with big buggers and if your nymphing for steelhead or big whateverthatswims, here's your line. 

The technology in any of the Rio lines is impressive but I tend to notice the little things like the dual tone of the line.  The head of the line that carries the most weight and rod loading capacity is a different color.  Small item, but really really impactful.

Learn more about Rio and their lineup by clicking HERE.  Going line shopping, get your lines locally at the Silver Bow Fly Shop and give the Rio Grand or Gold a try depending on what your fish quest may be.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Missouri River Driftin....

Missouri River Driftin' from Quinn LeSage on Vimeo.

My boys putting in work on the Mizzou.  The Lesage crew did a great job at capturing what this beautiful flow is all about

Now to find time to go join them sometime!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Out of These Rolling Hills...


Doesn't look much like deer country does it....

Dont let that confuse you....these hills are abundantly rich.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flies for Fins To Benefit the Sacred Headwaters...

Get in on raising big time cheddar for the Sacred Headwaters

Fins for Flies, developed by April Vokey is back again and has big time aspirations of raising over $20,000.  Right now, it's time to grab a big stack of flies and gear and donate it to the cause.

To quote the web site, they're open and ready to take your donations.

Take a peek at the Flies 4 Fins web site by clicking HERE and get involved.   We here at Chucking Line and Chasing Tail have a bundle of steelhead flies in the auction and we're hopeful that we're part of the bundle of cash that the Sacred Headwaters needs to make their goals happen

Wake Up With The Sacred Headwaters Blend...

It's the little things that you remember from a big trip like our journey north to fish the Skeena River System and it's tributaries.

Mostly, beyond the fish and the rivers they inhabit, it's the people and they're dedication to places they live and the creative ways that they work to ensure it's future.

As detailed before, the people of the area....First Nations and everyone alike is locked into a struggle to protect the Sacred Headwaters of the Skeena, Nass and Stakine from coalbed methane "fracking by major oil and gas entities like Shell.   They arent against oil and gas, it's that they're extremely opposed to oil and gas exploration in mega sensitive habitat like the headwaters one of the most fertile salmon and steelhead river systems in the planet.  That's not even talking about the cultural significance of the headwaters to the First Nation Tribes who call that special valley their birthplace.

What I find interesting is how everyone is doing their part to help the cause.  Right around the corner from the Sacred Headwaters office in Hazelton, BC, is the great little coffee shop Mercedes Beans.  While looking for a good cup of coffee and maybe a souvenir or two, we discovered theier Sacred Headwaters Blend.

As I sit here and write this, I am sipping on one hell of a cup of coffee from Mercedes Beans that dry roasts (very unique I am told)  and takes the profits from this specific blend of coffee and donates it back to the fight to protect the Sacred Headwaters. 

They ship throughout North America and I have to tell you....this coffee's amazing.   Do yourself a favor and wake up with this blend and you get the small satisfaction that you did a little part in helping fund an organization that is kicking the shit out of companies who think it's ok to drill and mine in one of the most amazing and wild places left on earth.

Visit Mercedes Beans by clicking HERE and ask for the Sacred Headwaters Blend today.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Get Bidding For The Wild Steelhead Coalition Drift Boat Auction


Want to ride down the rive in style in this hand built, mega attention to detail drift boat AND help raise money for habitat restoration of our legendary steelhead waters? 

Then by all means open up your wallets and take a second to bid on this built buy hand drift boat by master craftsman Ross Duncan.  All funds raised will be in trust of the Wild Steelhead Coalition and namely, habitat restoration on the Skagit River.

This 17ft wooden dream of a boat will have all your fishing friends envious and give you so much stinking fish karma and mojo that you're going to have to shake the 20 pounders (on the swing no less) off with a stick.

So if you can swing it, drop your bid in and make a difference for Wild Steelhead

Click HERE to visit the auction

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Series of Steelhead Events...

Cooler overnight temps finally have the fish moving up the Big River onward in their fall push to the inland tributaries.  We thought we would try out luck to see if any were willing dance partners.

Nothing like hooking up to the chagrin of the gear slinging guide boats.  You could almost hear them groan as OMR hooked up in front of 2 loaded guide boats.  Take another lap there dudes, you cant battle OMR's fish karma!

You know what's special....Watching the rocketship burn off line of your dad's reel and listen to him whoop and hollar, giggling away like my son.

Almost there....

Jack Pot.  I have yet to meet a man who has more fish mojo than this man.  OMR is on the board for the 2012 summer steelhead season. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hank Patterson Says...Grab a Cub.

"That she's going respect you....respect you"

"That there my friends, is a little rain-brown"


This video kills me, absolutely kills me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Echo Dinner Plate

Holy line pickup Batman!

Just added new toy to the spey arsenal, the Echo Ion 10/12 Monster. 

Alright, the name isnt actually "Monster" but the bugger is huge and with the need at times for fast line retrieval, this should do the trick very nicely.  And at $80 bucks retail, why the hell not. 

Although it's made in Korea (what the hell isnt?) it's very reassuring that with a company like Echo, you know they stand behind their products without question.  It makes the purchase that much easier.

I shall fish it this weekend on the Big River, and hopefully will test it against a big fish. 

Here's to hope and new gear.  Whooooody hoo!