Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Day's Redemption...

The day started as any other day on the Holy Water. Boggans was buzzing with their derby, and the banks were lined with egg throwers and slinky slingers.

Dropping down into the current after the launch, we were right in the firing line. 8 guys on the right, 12 on the left. War zone fishing, and thank goodness we were getting the heck out of it.

3 other boats on a 8 mile stretch of road-less water, it was going to be a good day. Our pick of where we wanted to fish, when we wanted to fish it....and we were the only boat fly fishing.

As the day melted away, there was just something missing. Drifts that should have produced fish didnt. My dad lost his wading staff he's had for 15 years. Nothing was yank, yank yanking on my new spey rod. Other than that, it was a beautiful day.


A day's redemption can come very fast for a steelheader. All the casts, all the drifts, all the cross current swings, all forgotten when the hook is set and the battle is on.

Around 2pm, and all within the span of 30 minutes, our day was made.

Three fish to hand. The pressure of the previous week was forgotten. I thank my lucky stars for the healing powers of the Grande Ronde

Sunday, February 21, 2010

If I stare hard enough.....

"I might get some of that fried chicken...."

Murph, the river dog.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silver Bow Boyeeeeee!

Want to know how to catch steelhead....talk to these guys

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wrapping Worms, The tying equivalent to TPS reports

I have finally let myself to think ahead of the other season. The season where we dont chase steelhead and revert back to what we learned on...their smaller cousins.

Sitting down at the vice tonight, I glanced into my nymph box and realized I was out of the flies that do the heavy lifting. While its about as fun as filling out a TPS report, the worms have to get done. Rinse, lather, repeat. Fill up the box, time to go fish

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where the cell phone cant reach me...

There are times when I want to throw my cell phone in the trash and forget it. Times when a week unravels in the span of a phone call. Times when everything you do turns into a smelly mess. This was last week

When that happens, there is one place that beckons me beyond all else.

No secret to the fishing community, the minute you descend into the canyon, one important thing happens that disconnects you from the rest of the world. You cell phone becomes a paper weight.

Park where the road ends, and this scene unfolds before you

A couple of tricky river crossings puts you in front of some serious holy steelhead water. This day was a gift, a normal workday taken off for "mental therapy"

In all honesty, I fish a lot. Understatement of the year, right? Probably more than most, outside of the guide community, but I needed this day. I thank god times 1000 for my wife, for she couldn't be more supportive...and I thank my lucky stars she understand when I get like this. She makes my world.

I needed some hours on the water with OMR, where the majority of communication is done with hoots and hollers and the most controversial thing are the barbs that are thrown at each other over a messed up casts.

I needed time for where my biggest decisions rested on what lie to swing, what type of cast was next and how far to move down until I make my next presentation.

I needed to slow life down

I needed some chest bumps and atta boys when OMR and I laced into a few cooperative steelhead.

Nice work Dad

Minutes before the day was to end, I was given the best gift I could have recieved.

It was another last cast of the day hook up, and a firm battle was fought with a bright hen

As that graceful native hen dove back into the pool where she came from, she, along with the river, my father and the canyon I was standing in gave me the ability to put the previous week behind me. They gave me mental clarity. They gave me what I needed

And I will thank them forever for those priceless gifts

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fish Porn Cometh!

Spokane's annual respite from Winter comes this Monday

And thank god for it.

3 years ago in it's first inception, The Fly Fishing Film Tour was the tipping point in which a guy who was very, very interested in fly fishing went over the wall to Crazyville. It was unlike anything we had ever seen. Mouth agape for 2 hours of relentless fish porn. Stunning destinations, mind blowing cinematography, humungoid fish...A solid TKO for me

2 trips to Belize, countless hours on the water, a steelhead camp, a spey rod addiction, more colored feathers for tying than a straight man should have and here I am. A slave to the river

Thanks a lot film tour...yeesh

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I want to go to Camp Tightloops...

When I have children someday, hopefully soon, I will dream of the time when they are old enough to accompany me a field. I have a feeling I will have my kiddo’s double hauling a fly rod in no time

Recently, I found the perfect children’s book series that combines the best of outdoor learning, a wonderfully illustrated cast of characters and storyline that will help kids dive into the world of fly fishing.

If your kiddos love fish, or even not yet, be sure to get them “Olive the Little Woolly Bugger" by local Washington author and illustrator Kirk Werner

This three book series is fantastic. Join Olive and her cast of characters for “Olive the little Woolly Bugger", "Olive and the Big Stream"and lastly, "Olive goes for a Wild Ride".

The title of this blog entry, "Camp Tightloops", is central to the main character, Olive, and her development into a fish catching machine.

Each book hits home by introducing entomology, fly fishing basics, fishing ethics, tactics and brings them together bound with life lessons that is sure to help future fishermen and women develop a healthy passion for the outdoors.

Olive the wooly bugger is the perfect gift for the beginning kiddo fisherman. For more info, visit olive the wooly bugger's web site today!

Also, Kirk has one hell of a blog as well


If I had a kiddo getting into fishing, you better believe we'd have these books for them