Friday, March 30, 2018

The Public Speaks on Lower 4 Snake River Dams...

In the year 2000,  Save Our Wild Salmon and partners commissioned a study about public perception about the Lower 4 Snake River Dams and the issues that surround them

It was an issue in it's infancy, and to say that people understood the what was going on was an understatement.

We've overall had a dramatic shift in public perception of dam removal, so the study was put out again 18 years later....

And the shift is confirmed.  From the article...

More than half of Washington voters support removing the four dams on the lower Snake River and they are more than willing to pay a few dollars extra on their energy bills to do so: 63 percent are willing to pay up to $7 per month, while 74 percent would pay an extra dollar every month.

Other items that stick out

78% of the public respondents say that preventing salmon extinction is extremely or very important

60% of the respondents value salmon preservation over dam preservation

53% of respondents now find Snake River dam removal acceptable and favorable

It's time.  The shift has happened....

Monday, March 26, 2018

You're On Your Own Kid...

The rod bucked with the report of a very large fish attached to the kids rod.  

He set the hook and began giggling.  Then the rodeo began.

The fish ripped line faster than this young man had ever experienced.   He excitedly yelled at his dad...."Help me dad, help me!"  "You reel it in, I cant do it"

The whole boat in unison, uncles, friends and Dad, chimed back in...."No way kid, you're on you're own"

He began to win the battle.  The runs were shorter and he could tell he's gaining the upper hand. 

"Rod tip up, keep it up"  " You got it big guy".   "Keep on it, you're doing great"

Dad dipped the net under the giant rainbow and the entire boat erupted in cheer.  The young man sat there in awe as the adults hooped and hollered.  

The moment was perfect.  The son had earned his place at the table and crested over a monumental hurdle.  Fighting a world class rainbow and doing it all on his own.  

Dad couldn't have been prouder.  

As the whale swam off, the enormity of the moment sank in.  

You couldn't have wiped the smile off the boys mouth for the better part of an hour if you tried.

Monday, March 19, 2018

A Family Hike...

One gigantic backpack filled with....

3 coats, 2 kid lunches, 2 mom and dad lunches, a football because, well...playing catch can keep the peace of an always on the move 7 year old

3 water bottles, fishing tackle, worms (gots to have the worms), candy, 3 beach chairs,  mom and dad rain coats

The hike was filled with....

14 "I'm tired, can you carry me's", 4 animal poop investigations, 3 dead critter id's, 5 rock in my shoe moments and 3 mom and dad looking at each other moments saying telepathically...."seriously!" in reference to the kids

The 2 hours of fishing included....

Zero fish.  Nary a nibble.

The walk back was all worth it. The boys earned 10 cents for every piece of garbage they picked up.

Mom and dad got to hold their boy's hands and experience a little public lands goodness on a beautiful Spring Sunday

The boys....the hike back was great.  They knew milkshakes were at the end.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

From the Pro-Tip Files...

Yeah, they're going laugh at ya.  The clerks, the shoppers and your buddies

You're going to feel like an idiot

But you're going to add in a few more drops of karma into your cup  by using the plastic bags in the effort to not track crap all around the store

Boom, another pro tip.  You can thank me later

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Redington Sonic Pro HD Review

Dont judge this review on this crap selfie.....I hate selfies

I once was a huge fan of Redington's Sonic Pro Waders.  For the money, the provided options, bells and whistles and durability that far exceeded their price point

But with every wader, their shelf life is finite and when the newest pair arrived about 3-4 years ago I was tossed off team Redington.

In the effort to have a more "performance" fit to their neoprene booties, the previous fantastic fit I had in the foot was gone.  My size 14 shoe  had no room and in turn I couldnt wear that edition of waders.

Now....there was a reckoning as I was given the opportunity from Redington to test out their redesigned Sonic Pro HD waders.

Below are a few points that impressed me.

Wait...where's the person?

Large footed fellers....rejoice!

Redington has fixed the glitch.  No issues here and there's even a bit of room to spare.  I'd say that possibly up to size 15s could fit here.   Hallelujah .

Pockets on pockets on pockets.

I'm starting to think with all the pockets in this wader, if you're still wearing a vest because you need more're doing it wrong.

Look ma!  More pockets.

There are 5 full pockets in and out of this beast.  Load up to your heart's desire.

And now, for a super subtle point that I noticed and really appreciated

It's a belt loop.  Just a belt loop....

But this one's right on your hip, meaning you dont have to go fishing behind you for your belt after you answer nature's call.  It's a small thing but for some reason a few other waders with a price tag much higher fail to have on their products.

Small touches of design mean big things.

Like booties.  And belt loops.

So with the first day in the water in these waders in the books, I appreciated the thought that went into them.  They're comfortable.  They're sturdy and have the feel of heavy construction

We'll see how long they last and how they stand up to my 6'8 280lb frame.....

Good thing is there, Redington's back's their product with a hell of a warranty.

Happy fishing out there big footed fellas, Redington's got your waders ready

Check them out more via Redington's site

Saturday, March 3, 2018


This sign killed me

First, what is "raw garbage"?

Second, fish parts?  Do you mean guts?

Beyond that, I think there were some other items lost in translation.  Like that it was ok to put worm containers, tackle wrappers, fast food cups, beer bottles, pop cans and a litany of other trash items in the trash can.

That was ok to do.....