Monday, January 26, 2009

Man Crafting

Yes, Man Crafting....or at least that's what my wife calls it
This is continually a learning process and each time I go to the fly shop, there's something else I dont have that I better pick up, just in case. The pic above are flies destined to be thrown at

Hopefully Mr. Palameto will tip down and give chase to this offering.
With this shitty winter, what's better than throwing on some good tunes, tipping back a good winter adult beverage and putting your mind to work creating offerings in the chess game that is fly fishing

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Fingers Hurt

Oh yeah, well now your back's going to hurt

Such is the joy of winter fly fishing. Somehow driving 3 hours, fishing 4 hours, eating a gut bomb burger and driving back home is a fun day

Such is the life of a fly fishing junkie

Today was my first experience with the Yakima...the golden gem of N Central WA trout fishing. I wish I could say we railed tail....but it was butt ass cold and our boat managed to roll a trout and my buddy did battle with a Rocky Mnt Bonefish. All in all, better than sitting on my ass at home

So you see the attached pic....that's where I will be in 4 weeks. Seems a little more inviting than freezing my balls off in the Yak....but you gots to pay your dues.

Thanks to my boy Jergens for a nice day on the river. I appreciate it