Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Real Green Decoys

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is taking a jab and turning it into a badge of honor

Over the past couple years, dark money funded orgs and PR firms like one's headed by the scumbag lobbyist Richard Berman have tried to attack legit outdoor conservation orgs like BHA, TRCP, The Isaak Walton League and others, branding them as false fronts for radical environmental movements.

They're call to action is to brand these orgs as Green Decoys.  The gist is that they're typically right leaning in nature but with a "sinister, false agenda" that makes you think that they're all about conservation, hunting, fishing and wildlife persuits.

Ha ha, and again, ha ha.  Joke's on you Berman and Co.

BHA has now turned this on it's head and is now offering Green Decoy T Shirts

From the BHA web site:

How can you tell BHA members are making a difference? When dishonest lobbyists mount a well-funded smear campaign, “Green Decoys,” attempting to undermine us. However, we won’t be silenced, and we sure as hell won’t be intimidated into backing down. We are public lands sportsmen and women who are uniting to defend our shared lands and waters and outdoor pursuits from those who would steal them from us. Wear your shirt as a badge of honor to show our detractors that we aren’t going anywhere and we have nothing to hide.

There's nothing to hide.  The movement's intentions are true and just.  There's no false facade.  

It's about fair chase, it's about traditions, it's about preserving public lands. 

My shirt's on the way.  Hope to see you in one soon as well

Click here to order the real green decoys shirt

Friday, July 13, 2018

Stacking The Muddlers...

We're on the cusp of summer steelhead season in the Inland Northwest

Time to stack up the flies in anticipation

Staring at a pile of materials, it's a joy to have it all come out right

Hopefully, they find paydirt soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Take a Hike Senator Lee

Those crazy Utah politicians...

Last week, Utah Senator Mike Lee announced his long term goal and desire to rid the federal government of it's public land holdings. 

That should make the hair on the neck stand up at attention if you're a person who cares about one of the most basic rights we have as Americans.  Public land.

Totaling over 640 million acres, federal public land is the most important aspect to outdoor recreation in this country.  The ability and right to roam at your personal discretion is a birthright that our forefathers like Roosevelt thought to give us.   Park your car at a trailhead and go.   Float through miles and miles of river corridor whenever you want.

And this jokester, along with the majority of the Utah congressional delegation and other elected officials want to take that away.   Check out his reasoning, it's a fairy tale of gross over exaggerations.

Royal Forests my ass.

Truth be told, the desire to transfer federal land to state control is a thinly veiled push for turning the land private

Private to developers.  Private to gigantic land owners.  Private to resource extraction.

It's time to tell Senator Lee to take a hike.   Respectfully hit him up on social media.   The guy's kicked the hornets nest of public land owners and I am sure his poor staffers are a little tired of fielding calls, emails, tweets, facebook and instagram posts

This particular one is my favorite.  Over 3400 replies in 5 days after his announcement

I wonder if he's getting the message.   Maybe he should ask his buddy Congressman Chaffetz what happened the last time he threatened public lands

Find the hair on the back of your neck still up, get into action

Give his office a call.  (202) 224-5444

I'm sure they'd love to hear from thousands of public land owners over and over again

Remind them that our public land generates an estimated $646 billion in economic impact and employs approximately 6.1 million Americans

Lastly, if you live in Utah vote this guys out of office.  Take away their pulpit. 

#Keepitpublic.  It's the only way.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Toothy Destruction...

The little orange mouse did exactly what it was intended to do

Pound the banks with semi accurate casts.  Look wounded, wobble and chug in the effort to look like a rodent looking for an escape from it's newly acquired water-bound surroundings.

Then get crushed in a eruption of toothy destruction.


Repeat repeat repeat.

At the end of the day, tooth marks tell the tale.   The little orange mouse did it's job.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

WSC and Darby WInery's Native Wine Series

The Wild Steelhead Coalition is excited to announce that they have teamed up with Darby Winery, an award-winning winery based in Woodinville, Washington, to launch the Native Wine Collection. To celebrate this thrilling collaboration and the release of these delicious wines, the Darby Winery will be hosting a release party on July 28th, which will feature a fly casting competition hosted by Emerald Water Anglers, live music, a food truck, and of course great wine!

The Native Wine Collection is a fusion of Darby English’s two greatest passions – meticulously crafting premium wines and pursuing and protecting wild steelhead. For each bottle sold, Darby has generously agreed to donate 20 percent of the proceeds to the Wild Steelhead Coalition, thereby offering avid steelheaders the chance to enjoy a glass of some of Washington’s finest wine while supporting imperiled steelhead populations.

The Native Wine Collection, a celebration of Washington’s iconic fish and fine wines, features three delicious wines:

The 2014 Native Red Wine is a stunner of a first vintage. A blend of Cabernet Sauv, Malbec, Merlot, and Petite Verdot that is seamless with notes of dark cherry, blackberry, sage, and cedar.

The 2016 Native White Wine will impress with old world characteristics of crushed stone, violets, and Provincial herbs. Sip this beauty all summer and enjoy the silky texture and crisp finish.

The 2017 Native Rose is a serious rose that you should stock up on for the warm months. Layers of firm peaches, citrus, strawberry, and bright mineral notes are impressively long with resonating floral and spice notes.

Pick up your tickets to the release party by clicking HERE.  

Additionally, check out that killer artwork provided by Northwest artist Casey Underwood

Hope to see you at the release party!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Walleye Are Delicious

The trip was the highlight of my early years.  The river would open up and it was game on. 

Quarter ounce jig heads.  Grub tails.  4 dozen nightcrawlers.  Not 2, not 3, 4 dozen boxes of worms

Running up and down from spot to spot, we caught our fair share.  In those days you couldnt keep any fish between 16 and 20 inches.  The slot it was called, and many 19 3/4 inch went back into the drink in the effort to find that one you could keep over 20 inches.

Those annual trips crystalized my fanaticism for fishing.

And as of 16 years later, I hadn't returned.

There's a million mitigating factors why we hadn't returned.  The river had drastically different flow regimes that for years made it impossible to fish properly

High School Athletics.  College.  My baseball odyssey.  Marriage, children and the like. 

An obsession with fly fishing and away from fishing gear was also firmly at the core of the change.  I had exchanged skirted jigs for cutthroats and 5 weights.

I loved fly fishing within my core.  It defined me and still does to this day.

But still, there was something missing.   Walleye are delicious.

Finally everything aligned and 3 generations of Mills boys ran from spot to spot, hooking fish and handing the rod off to my son to reel in.   It was an amazing day.

We laughed.  We threw gear.  The boat got dirty from worm dirt and fish slime.

And we piled up walleye filets.

There's quite a satisfaction with future meals vacuum packed away in the freezer, ready to share with friends and family.   We miss part of the equation unless you, at times, fish to eat.

Roll the filets in egg, coat in Panko and fry in olive oil.

Good lawd...

Monday, June 11, 2018

Candidate Lisa Brown Event

For anyone who lives in the 5th congressional district of Washington State and loves the outdoors, this event is a must attend.

The outdoor economy is massive and deserves to have it's voice heard.  From Walla Walla to Kettle Falls and all points in between, people who recreate in the wide open spaces and rivers are an economic driver who's voice Lisa Brown wants to hear from

Additionally, policies on public land, climate change, river recovery, salmon and steelhead issues need to be listed to and that's what's June 25th is all about

It's my personal opinion that our current representative is not the right choice for many of these reasons.  Cathy McMorris Rodger's bill HR3144 is decisively against salmon and steelhead recovery.  Her stated opinions on federal land transfer is scary for those who depend on public access to vast tracts of land to recreate it. 

It's high time that people who hunt, fish, hike, bike, raft, camp and any other outdoor recreational activity have a voice and I am excited to start this conversation with candidate Lisa Brown

I hope you can join us June 25th, Black Label Brewing Co in the Sarnac Commons, 19 W Main in downtown Spokane

Please RSVP to

See you there!