Monday, May 11, 2020

Musings of A 6 Year Old Turkey Hunter

A running dialogue between myself and a 6 year old turkey hunter, out on his very first turkey hunt.

"When do I get to gobble dad?"

Please be quite son, they'll hear us.

"Can a turkey hear us from 100 ft away?"

Yes, they have incredible hearing.  "200 ft?  A mile?  In another country?"

Yes, yes they can...

"Dad, I need a rest.  My legs are telling me I need to play my Nintendo Switch"

Ok bud, when we're walking through the woods, please try to avoid stepping on pine cones, branches and other stuff that can be loud when it breaks.  We're trying to be quiet....

The next six steps ....snaap, snap, crack, boom, snap, crack ....and snaaaaap

It's ok bud, just try to be as quiet as  you can.

(in a freaked out kid scream)..."Dad, dad, ants!!!!!! I'm sitting in red ants!!!"

Nope that's just one ant.  You're fine

Here's the shock call, give it a rip

(blows on the peacock call, turkey gobbles). "Wow, I did that, lets get the decoy out.  Why hasnt the turkey come yet"

Dude, look, there's 5 deer, see them running?

"Where?"  THERE.  "Where?"  Never mind bud.....

Can you guess what made this poop? (obvious turkey scat)

"Ahhhh, coyote?"

"Dad, does this stick look like a gun?  How about this one, nunchucks?"

(blows on the shock call hanging around his neck for the 15th time in 5 minutes). Hey bud, turkeys dont come to that sound....

Blows call again "Why not dad". "Can we go to McDonalds?"

Sure, keep a good attitude and we'll make it happen..."I'm ready to go to McDonalds!"


5 hours in the woods away from electronics and his brother.   Time for just him and I and while no gobblers came home with us, I'll call it a major success


  1. Classic.... My two Sons are now 25 and 28 . the 28 yr old was a pain in the butt when I tried to take him fishing . The 25 yr old is a great fishing companion but he is in korea. My Daughter is 23 and still loves time with me on a streaam. But I envy you having one that age...


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