Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Fingers Hurt

Oh yeah, well now your back's going to hurt

Such is the joy of winter fly fishing. Somehow driving 3 hours, fishing 4 hours, eating a gut bomb burger and driving back home is a fun day

Such is the life of a fly fishing junkie

Today was my first experience with the Yakima...the golden gem of N Central WA trout fishing. I wish I could say we railed tail....but it was butt ass cold and our boat managed to roll a trout and my buddy did battle with a Rocky Mnt Bonefish. All in all, better than sitting on my ass at home

So you see the attached pic....that's where I will be in 4 weeks. Seems a little more inviting than freezing my balls off in the Yak....but you gots to pay your dues.

Thanks to my boy Jergens for a nice day on the river. I appreciate it

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