Sunday, February 15, 2009

Whaaa...a non fishing post?

Yes....there are a couple of things in this world beyond fly fishing. Had a great day today taking my cousin from Wyoming and my niece up for a little bit of snow fun at Mt Spokane. Say what you want about the hill, its still nice to know ever squaaa inch of a mountain. It's like putting on a old baseball glove, it just feels like home

I spent most of the day pushing my niece beyond her comfort level, trying to get her to go faster and trust her ski' was fun being in coach mode again. I did manage a complete yard sale while coaching her up....and those two were doubled up in laughter at me in a heap.

Billy from Wyoming is a badass on a snowboard. Very impressed I was. It doesnt hurt that he lives just outside of JACKSON HOLE...holy hell!

Did I also mention his neighbor might or might not own Orvis...jeeeeeeeeeez (seriously)

Countdown to Belize--12 Days

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