Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Offer from PBR

Besides winning a ribbon in 1892.....PBR has a new offer out in all of it's 12 pack of cans

One Hatcherty Steelhead in every box. It's been test marketed on the Columbia River System here this fall, soon coming to the coast and the Great Lake Tribs here this winter


  1. The problem here is that this shows your lack of respect for the fish . Stupid groups like peda and otheranimal protection groups use photos like this to show the mentality of fisherman !lets see did you throw the beer cans all over the place to ?Yes there is a protacall for what you post on the internet .You need to think before you post ,it all good if you want to have fun with your bros ,but this is wrong to post on the net ,it shows how little you care .Hatchery fish maybe the only thing you have in the future ,which is unfortunate ,but when they are all gone and there are no fish you'll be upset .It is guys like you that give the sport a bad name

  2. My god, you are a jackass! A jar of powerbait on your rig would really complete the picture.

  3. Let me start by saying I dont eat fish. It's cruel.

    Now this picture is exactly why you people should be banned from taking are beloved water friends from their home and families. How would you like it if I jammed a hook through your mouth and then forced your head under water. Killed you. Then slammed you in a beer box? A beer box? How drunk were you?

    Please try to respect our water friends more...