Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I want to go to Camp Tightloops...

When I have children someday, hopefully soon, I will dream of the time when they are old enough to accompany me a field. I have a feeling I will have my kiddo’s double hauling a fly rod in no time

Recently, I found the perfect children’s book series that combines the best of outdoor learning, a wonderfully illustrated cast of characters and storyline that will help kids dive into the world of fly fishing.

If your kiddos love fish, or even not yet, be sure to get them “Olive the Little Woolly Bugger" by local Washington author and illustrator Kirk Werner

This three book series is fantastic. Join Olive and her cast of characters for “Olive the little Woolly Bugger", "Olive and the Big Stream"and lastly, "Olive goes for a Wild Ride".

The title of this blog entry, "Camp Tightloops", is central to the main character, Olive, and her development into a fish catching machine.

Each book hits home by introducing entomology, fly fishing basics, fishing ethics, tactics and brings them together bound with life lessons that is sure to help future fishermen and women develop a healthy passion for the outdoors.

Olive the wooly bugger is the perfect gift for the beginning kiddo fisherman. For more info, visit olive the wooly bugger's web site today!

Also, Kirk has one hell of a blog as well

If I had a kiddo getting into fishing, you better believe we'd have these books for them

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  1. What if our kids want to play piano or do ballet? I'm just sayin...